Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gov Fallin Signs Paperwork Placing 5 Additional State Questions in November Ballot

Governor Mary Fallin today signed election proclamations that place five additional state questions on the November 8 general election ballot.
The paperwork signed by the governor placed these issues on the ballot:

* State Question (SQ) 779, which would increase the state sales tax by 1 percent to fund teacher pay raises and other education causes.

* SQ 780, which reclassify some criminal offenses, such as drug possession and property crimes, as misdemeanors instead of felonies.

* SQ 781, which would take money saved from implementing SQ 780 and allow counties to fund community rehabilitation programs.

* SQ 790, which would remove a section of the Oklahoma Constitution prohibiting use of state resources for religious purposes.  

* SQ 792, which would allow wine and full-strength beer to be sold in grocery stores and convenience stores.

The deadline for the governor to sign election proclamations for state questions to be placed on the November 8 general election ballot is Friday.

Two other state questions already are on the ballot. SQ 776 would declare that the death penalty is not cruel or unusual punishment and would allow the Legislature to designate any method of execution if a current method is declared unconstitutional. SQ 777 would prevent lawmakers from passing legislation to regulate agriculture unless there is a compelling state interest.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flyers for After School Programs

Mayo Parents:

Several flyers are attached regarding after school programs.  Most of these are offered at Mayo, but some are not.  Please read the flyers carefully.

Young Rembrandts—Drawing


Under the Canopy--Nature Explorers

I Am Kids—Yoga and Mindfulness

Pied Piper—Dance, Acrobatics and TaeKwonDo

Pack137—Cub scouts

Tulsa Soccer Academy--Soccer

We are providing space to offer these activities for your children.  Please keep in mind, however, that these classes are not coordinated or administered by the school.  We can’t answer questions and don’t handle billing and payments.  All questions regarding any of these opportunities should be directed to the vendors.

There are also several Girl Scout and Cub Scout troops that meet at Mayo.

The Cub Scouts will be at the Back to School night on August 30.

Happy Enrolling!

New Testing Requirements

Pied Piper After School Program

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day Letter from Principal

Dear Mayo Families:

Well, it was a pretty uneventful day.  Fun, but uneventful.  I hope your children are sharing great stories with you about their first day back.  We had a meeting after school and had some good laughs about some of the things that happened.

There are a few things I need to ask from you.  First, if you park in the church parking lot, please be respectful of their private property and avoid parking in the circle drive.  We are extremely fortunate that they allow us to utilize their parking lot.  They don't have to.  I would hate for them to put up gates to keep us out.

Also, we had several students today who told us that they are riding the bus.  But, we had no paperwork and no communication from an adult.  We will not put children on the bus, or keep children off of the bus, unless we hear from an adult.  We also had some students who were supposed to ride the bus, but parents picked them up and didn't notify the office.  These issues held up the buses for an extended time.  Since the end of the day is so busy, please try to call before noon to make us aware of any changes in travel plans.

The first several days of school are always crazy as we try to teach and reinforce procedures to students.  Your help is appreciated.  Our sole purpose for having procedure is to keep your children safe.

Thank you.  I'm sure most of your children will be asleep early tonight.  I hope you enjoy your evening with them.

-Mr. Joslin

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Armstrong Update 8-21-2016

Greetings Armstrong Parents!

Welcome back to former Armstrongs and Mayoans and a BIG welcome to all NEW Armstrongs and Mayoans! We are so excited about the start of this school year with not only a new group of Armstrong students but also a (semi) new group of teachers as well!

Tomorrow is the first day of school and we are meeting on the front lawn by the flagpole for music with DJ Ed for an 8AM “Welcome Back” greeting. Please join us and look for the Armstrong sign (blue). Your child’s homebase teacher will be near the Armstrong sign and will be waiting to greet and sign them in.

Important Upcoming Events:

Helmzar Challenge Course – 8/24 (Guss and Najera HB) & 8/25 (Smith and Colle HB)
-    The Helmzar Challenge course is a TPS partnered Ropes Course. We will be completing low ropes (team challenges and games) during the morning and students will be able to complete the high ropes (with a trained facilitator and safety gear) in the afternoon. Students are able to choose whether or not they would like to climb the course in the afternoon based on their comfort level.
-    If you were unable to attend the Mayo mingle, we will be sending home the consent form and sack lunch request form tomorrowas well as a field study permission slip.
-    If you were able to attend the Mayo Mingle and took home the forms to fill out, please return the ASAP!
-    The consent form is separate from the Mayo field study permission slip and both must be signed and returned for your child to participate.
-    We are not in need of parent volunteers for this field study.

Sack Lunch Form:

Back to School Night – 8/30
-    Please join us for our Back to School night on Tuesday August 30th at 6:30 PM in the Armstrong Area. We will be talking about upcoming field studies, your child’s class schedule, our yearly concept, our Armstrong homework philosophy as well as other procedures and information about the Armstrong Area. We hope to see you there!

Armstrong Team Changes:

As you know, we had several teachers leave the Armstrong area over the summer, some transferred to other schools while others moved to different instructional areas. Mrs. Hewitt moved with her family to Wilson, Arkansas to teach at the Delta School. Mrs. Moore accepted a position at Holy Family teaching 4th and 5th grade. Ms. Molina is still at Mayo and has moved to the Goodall area. While we had some movement of teachers, we also had to shrink the Armstrong team from 6 teachers to 4 teachers due to state budget cuts. Although we lost teacher positions, we still have roughly the same amount of Armstrong students which has resulted in class sizes of 29 and 30. With the movement of teachers we had an opening position in the Armstrong area for our fourth teacher and as many of your know, we hired Brittany Johnston (soon to be Colle) to fill that position! Brittany graduated from the University of Tulsa in May and will be starting her first year teaching at Mayo. Not only was she Mrs. Smith’s student teacher last Spring, she also has done several observations at Mayo in the Goodall and Edison areas. She is a wonderful addition to Mayo and we are happy to welcome her as a part of the Armstrong Team!

Please feel free to email Elyse Smith ( or your child’s homebase teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a wonderful start to the school year! See you bright and early tomorrow!

Elyse Smith
Armstrong Team Lead

Welcome Back!

Dear Mayo Families:

Tomorrow begins our new school year.  We are excited to see you and your children again.  We saw most of you at the Mayo Mingle, but we are ready to get the year  started.

Just a few quick reminders before the day begins:

School begins at 8:00AM tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning we will meet outside in the front of the school.  We will have a very short program before we open the front doors at 8:00AM.  You are welcome to join us.  If you are a new Einstein parent, please stay for the BooHoo Breakfast.

I have attached a document, which is actually a few pages from our new Parent & Student guide.  That guide is too large to be attached.  The full document will be posted on our website once all of the beginning of the year "bugs" get worked out.  The attached pages discuss our arrival and dismissal procedures.  There have been some changes since last year.

If there is something you don't quite understand, just ask the office tomorrow morning.  The beginning of the year is always challenging as we adjust to new procedures and new families. 

We need a My Way Home from everyone--especially if your child rides the bus after school.

We will see all of you in less that 24 hours!