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PTA Meeting Minutes from 9-8-2016


Mayo PTA Board Meeting - September 8, 2016


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm.  Those in attendance introduced themselves - attendance below.


Attending (Board and Unit Members): Evan Taylor, Marjie Boone (Past President), Misty Todd (Corresponding Secretary), Melissa White (Co-Ways and Means), Kim Ghyln, Jenny Nemec, Amanda Beckman (Co-Treasurer), Megan Nsien (Auction), Jennie Otanicar (Co-Ways and Means), Rob Baumgarten (Foundation President), Misti Ryan (Co-Treasurer), Allison Ketrin, Clint Ryan, Bonnie Hackler (Secretary), Kenneth Joslin (Principal), Tami Williams (President)


                Board Members Absent:  Dusti Howard (Parliamentarian)


Minutes from May:  Tami presented the minutes from the May meeting.  Misti moved to get approve those.  Bonnie seconded.  The minutes were voted upon and approved.


Treasurers Report: Misti Ryan and Amanda Beckman are our Treasurers this year.  Tami noted that our official budget has not been approved, but we have been operating and collecting money.  The official budget will be approved during the October unit meeting.


MIsti reported to date that we have collected $34,930 toward our Mayo Way fees.   She noted that 17 families have donated additional funds - those additional funds have funded almost 7 full Mayo Way fees.  Misti has thank you cards for those families.  The Board needs to sign.


Tami noted that anyone who is making purchases and seeking reimbursements needs to use the appropriate form, and to make sure you get the tax exempt form so you are not paying taxes.  We are tax exempt.  


Ways and Means: Jennie Otanicar reported that our Dine and Donate at Chipotle on Back to School Night made us approximately $300.  We should have the check soon.  She also reported that on the parking lot fundraiser during last weeks TU game, we made $1,580 (some of that may have been change we made for the night). Jennie mentioned, and several persons echoed the concern, that a Board member collect the money after the parking lot fundraisers.  The Ryans live nearby and may be a place we can leave this money.  It can also be locked up in the school, but its hard to know if anyone will be there.  Bonnie mentioned it should be going to a Treasurer at the least. 


Auction:  Megan reported that a Mayo parent is doing the catering this year.  They have made contact with the auctioneer.  The Bernsen Center is the potential location - 6th/Boston.  They are planning on online donations going live soon.  Misti asked about the website and who was running.  Megan said she would get with her.  The date is tentatively last weekend in February.


Principals Report: Kenneth said that many parents had approached him and were surprised that the budget cuts had affected Mayo.  They did.  We lost several positions - library aid, 2 teachers, office staff - including the extended contracts for the lead positions in each instructional area.  It has changed the culture somewhat at least in the sense that there is not a lead” teacher making a lot of the decisions.  


Another update, TPS enclosed the playground with fencing, which we had been waiting on most of last year.  They also increased the number of after care spots available, and it may not be full at this time.


Another update, there are no more early release days.  There are days spread out through the school year where the school is closed on Fridays.  There are 4.  The first one is October 7.  


Also, for Fall Break, we may be adding an extra day to make up for conference times.  But this hasnt been clarified by the district yet so he has not announced it.


New Business:  Aimee mentioned that Emily Hecker (and she) are to meet with Whole Foods re: possible connections - meeting set on 9/20.  Emily was also going to contact Fair Fellows Coffee re: a fundraiser option too.  Topeca was another option.  She said Lee Elem does something similar with a coffee shop and makes some great money.   


Aimee also got an email from James Spicer with a grant opportunity from Langston Univ. on STEM projects.  It could go toward one classroom.  They have split duties on gardens between Jenny Roby, Margueritte Knezek and herself.  


Tami also the state convention she went to this summer.  One of the sessions was on engaging dads and other diverse parents.  A speaker they had was J. Michael Hall.  He spoke about diversifying the volunteers and getting more, diverse parents engaged.  This is something she has talked about with Rob and Megan over the last year.  Tami passed out literature on Hall - Strong Father-Strong Families.  He might be a good speaker to have come in. Evan also mentioned doing an ad hoc Friday date where we can make a day that dads come to school and volunteer.


Aimee asked about volunteer needs.  In particular, the Armstrong area.  Kenneth said there is a need there.  Also in the library since Ms. Wilson lost her assistant, Ms. Lyles.


Kenneth also mentioned the GT program.  Mrs. DePalma has been very ill.  She has not been in school.  She has not been here and he initially did not think a sub was a good solution.  One option is a parent, from Zarrow, who is interested in being our long-term sub.  He is going to follow up on that.  


Rob announced that Jog A Thon has been set.  Its Nov. 4.  Lots of volunteers are needed.


Finally, the strings program. Kenneth reported that we were told it was cut, but now its back.  And he is here each day now and for an hour.  Its not permanent, but its a good thing and were happy about it.  Its on for 4th and 5th graders.  Its a new instructor and he is going to offer band and strings.  Schedule will alternate by day.  Next Monday, at 1 pm, he is going to come and offer a demonstration.  The drawback is that the kids who enroll get pulled out of class and as of right now, it looks like they will be pulled out of science and social studies.  A letter will go home to parents.  Instruments will be district provided.


Important Dates: 


Sept. 15 - 5th Grade Meeting

Sept. 20 - Literacy Night

Oct. 7 - No School 

Oct. 17-18 - Conferences  (Kenneth to clarify - we may have an extra day for conferences.)

Oct. 19-21 - Fall Break  (See above - either 20-21 or 19-21)

Oct. 28 - Fall Carnival

Nov. 4 - Jog A Thon 


Meeting Adjourned:  7:45 pm


Next Meeting:  Oct. 13 at 6:30 pm  (always the second Thursday)

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